Is Pickleball a Fad or Here to Stay?

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The popularity of pickleball is undeniable, with everyone purchasing pickleball paddles. Every age group enjoys the game, from youngsters to adults and senior citizens, since it’s easy to learn and gives an adrenaline rush.

Everyone needed an escape while maintaining social distance, right? That’s why pickleball became popular during COVID-19. The popularity of pickleball is causing people to think about whether it is just a fad or a short-lived craze.

The truth is, it doesn’t appear to be one, and we have our own reasons for thinking that. Check out the reasons below if you’d like to know more!

Is Pickleball a Fad?

Creating new pickleball courts

People put up pickleball nets on their lawns and parking lots when the pickleball craze spiked during the pandemic. Due to the lack of pickleball courts, people began playing the game on tennis courts and basketball courts.

Although it has become a fad in recent years, the Canadian and American governments and local recreation centers have finally grasped the significance of Pickleball. Now, they plan to construct publicly accessible pickleball courts to embrace this boom.  Read more about How Big Is a Pickleball Court?

A Decade-Old Tradition

The history of pickleball stretches back thousands of years. During the summer of 1965, three friends founded the sport as a backyard game.

In 2022, pickleball will become the official sport of Washington state, despite having existed for more than 60 years. In addition, there is an organization called the USA Pickleball Association that has been around since 2005. In addition, the USAPA Rules Committee published a rulebook. Additionally, there are several pickleball tournaments being held.

With over 4.8 million people playing pickleball, it’s highly unlikely that pickleball is just a fad now that it is endorsed by the authorities.

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Pickleball’s Accessibility and Versatility

is pickleball a fad

Pickleball is accessible to a wide range of individuals, unlike some sports that require extensive training and equipment. People looking for an active and enjoyable way to keep fit find it an appealing option because of the relatively low cost of equipment and the adaptability of playing locations, whether indoors or outdoors.

The Health Benefits of Pickleball

Playing pickleball improves cardiovascular fitness, strengthens muscles, and increases agility, among other benefits. As a moderate-intensity exercise, it is suitable for those who wish to exercise without causing excessive strain.

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Social Interaction and Community Building

is pickleball a fad

In addition to fostering social interaction on the court, pickleball builds community off of it. In addition to fostering teamwork and communication, doubles encourage post-game interactions that help to form lasting friendships. The sport is made more enjoyable by this sense of camaraderie.


Besides being easy to play, pickleball can also be played indoors or outdoors, making it accessible to anyone.

You don’t need much space to play pickleball, either half of a basketball court is plenty. All of these factors make it an easy and accessible sport.

Young & Old Love It

Pickleball is not only for professionals, unlike many other sports. There are plenty of reasons why this sport has gained popularity, including the fact that it is a game that can easily be played with friends or family.

Furthermore, there is no age restriction for pickleball. Whether you are a 10-year-old or a 75-year-old, you can play. This is a great source of entertainment for young and old alike, making it a highly addictive pastime. 

Additionally, pickleball is an activity that is healthy for old people as well. People with mobility issues can use it since it is not hard on their joints.

It’s also a good choice for people who don’t want to play a high-impact sport. As well as being easy on joints, it’s also gentle on muscles. In addition, this sport doesn’t require you to be in the best shape since the balls don’t bounce very high.

Easy To Learn

Can you imagine how frustrating it is to learn and remember the rules of a sport? The simple rules of pickleball make it easier to learn, and that is helping to change the narrative.

Because pickleball is very similar to ping pong and tennis, if you’ve played those sports for some time you’ll have no trouble playing it. Learn more about the Best pickleball camps For Adults

Programs for youth

is pickleball a fad

Many schools have introduced pickleball into their programs, ensuring that pickleball will remain popular in the future.

As it becomes more popular, it may make its way to the Olympics. Pickleball is currently popular only in the US, so before suggesting it for the Olympics, it’s important to expand its popularity to other countries. 


For those who don’t like going to the gym but want regular exercise, pickleball is a great option. Furthermore, it’s fairly inexpensive, since the paddles cost less than $30 and the balls less than $5.

A further advantage is that you don’t need to wear any accessories, such as gloves, shin guards, or helmets, thus making it more cost-effective. 

In addition, public pickleball courts are free to use. It is also quite affordable to use pickleball courts maintained by pickleball clubs.

An increase in professionalism and commercialization

Major League Pickleball has recently joined the PPA and APP tours, indicating that pickleball is becoming a legitimate sport. As a result, public country clubs have begun hiring their own pickleball coaches.

A new generation of pickleball equipment manufacturers is emerging. Several ping pong and tennis racquet manufacturers have started making pickleball paddles. Therefore, pickleball is more than just a trend. 

An excellent workout

In addition, pickleball is proving to be a great workout for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. By playing for just an hour, players can burn as many as 350 calories.

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Is Pickleball a Passing Fad?

Analyzing the Trends

There is always a question of sustainability associated with any rapidly rising trend. Despite pickleball’s meteoric rise, some critics suggest that interest might eventually wane. There are, however, compelling reasons to believe otherwise. A diverse player base, easy learning, and accessibility contribute to the sport’s enduring appeal.

Comparisons with Past Trends

Examining past trends is crucial to determining whether pickleball is a fad or a lasting trend. Unlike some passing fads, pickleball’s combination of familiar gameplay and innovative features sets it apart from others.


Is pickleball suitable for all age groups? 

Absolutely! Pickleball’s low-impact nature makes it ideal for players of all ages.

What equipment do I need to play pickleball? 

Pickleball requires a paddle and a lightweight ball, similar to a wiffle ball.

Can pickleball be played indoors and outdoors? 

Yes, pickleball can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors on specially designed-courts.

Is pickleball an intense workout? 

While it provides a good workout, pickleball is less intense on the joints compared to high-impact sports.

How can I find pickleball courts in my area? 

You can use online resources or contact local community centers and sports clubs to locate pickleball courts.


Pickleball is clearly more than just a fad at this point. There is no doubt that it will last for a long time to come. In the same way, ski resorts banned snowboarding decades ago, but now we know they have their own dedicated slopes. Due to its already-established status as a professional sport, pickleball is likely to coexist with badminton, tennis, and ping pong.

How about you, have you purchased your pickleball paddles yet? Get them if you don’t already have them. It won’t be wasted.

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