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The University of Michigan’s Matt Wright played tennis quite seriously throughout his college career before becoming a pickleball player. A unique aspect of his playing pickleball is that he and his friends played with wooden paddles when they were first introduced to the game. 

The story Matt Wright has to tell of coming to pickleball is most likely one of the most unique in all of history, so he may have been better prepared to play than most other players.

Only a few years into his professional career, Wright has already established himself. The foundation of this success can be attributed to his many years of playing professional and collegiate tennis. He may have achieved so much in such a short period of time because of his passion for competition.

We have compiled this article on Matt Wright Pro Pickleball Bio so you can discover more about this highly skilled but often enigmatic pro-pickleball player!

Matt Wright’s Achievements

Matt Wright Pro Pickleball Bio

The pro career of Matt Wright began in 2016. There are four times he has won the USA National Championship, seven times he has won the US Open, and two times he has won the Tournament of Champions Gold Medal. It’s amazing how much one can accomplish in such a short period of time. 

Currently ranked #2 in the world, he plays mixed doubles with Lucy Kovalova. The partner he plays with in men’s doubles may vary according to the location and the game.

The player has a great deal of flexibility, and he is equally skilled when he plays alone and in a doubles match. For pro-pickleball success, these flexible skills are essential, but not every player can master them. It has been shown that Wright is capable of playing with a variety of players during a season, but much of his double playing is done with Kovalova.

It was the 2017 and 2018 Pro Division Majors where Matt earned his first medals. It cemented his dominance as a player for good. As well as winning Silver medals in singles competition, he also captured Silver medals in doubles competition. 

The 2018 nationals saw him win gold playing with Dave Weinbach in men’s doubles. His mixed doubles win at the nationals was followed by a gold medal by him and Dave Weinbach at the US Nationals that same year.

Wright believes that the USAPA Championships deserve a world-renowned venue for its Championship Games, so he has been very optimistic about the venue change. For pickleball to continue to grow and gain recognition, he feels it needs more attention than it currently receives.

Wright does not have the time to coach pickleball like some players, but he advocates the sport. When people ask about how he began playing pickleball, he often tells them how he played a makeshift version of the game. 

The game of pickleball is gratifying for him, and he has expressed that to me. The game is easy to learn and you can enjoy it right away, unlike tennis, which can take years to master.

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Matt Wright Net Worth

Matt Wright Pro Pickleball Bio

Several sources estimate Matt Wright’s net worth for 2022 to be $5.4 million. The benefits of pickleball do not come from it alone, however. He is also a full-time attorney when he is not ruling the court. For professional pickleball players, income levels can also vary greatly. Their total support for their playing hours can be influenced by several factors, such as sponsorships, product sales, and advertising.

The average pickleball player makes between $50k and $200k a year. The calculation is complicated because most pickleball contracts do not receive as much publicity as large signing deals for major football teams.

Matt Wright’s Preferred Gear

Some of Matt’s appearances feature an Evoke Premier Pickleball Paddle, and he often wears shoes and clothing from his sponsor Onix. Almost all of the necessary pickleball gear, including nets, balls, shoes, racquets, and clothes, is made by gear manufacturers.

The Gear of Matt

There is no mention of what Matt Wright prefers for a handgrip, shoes, or even a racquet. It may be that he is extremely flexible in his choices and lets his sponsor supply him with gear that he uses on a game-by-game basis to give him an advantage.

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Personal Life

Matt Wright, an attorney, lives and works in Wichita, Kansas. His height is quite impressive for a sportsman at 6’2″ he’s 44 years old. As a very private player, he might just have kept these details from the public eye since he doesn’t appear to be married or have children. 

Some have questioned whether he and Lucy Kovalova are a couple. Their lives are connected, but they do not share a romantic relationship. You cannot follow Matt on Facebook or other social media sites since he only maintains a Twitter account. 

The company that sponsors him, Onixpickleball, has an Instagram account and a Facebook page. Keeping track of Matt’s tournaments, placings, and appearances on these sites is a good way to find out more about him.

In his Twitter posts pre-pandemic, he mentioned traveling a lot, and this is likely to be one of his biggest passions once he has more free time. It can be difficult to be a full-time lawyer, but you will probably be able to travel and not just play games during your free time. He frequently travels for pickleball events and seems to enjoy exploring new places while he is away. 

Matt Wright is an Excellent Player Who is Relatively New to the Game

Matt Wright Pro Pickleball Bio

Matt Wright’s career is a testament to the fact that people of all ages can enjoy pickleball and learn it quickly.

 The fact that he has a vast knowledge of tennis play probably accounts for most of his success as a pickleball player, but pickleball allows those who would otherwise suffer from injuries to enjoy tennis-like play.

He has become a big name in just a few years, and it is expected that he will continue to do so in the future. As a result of the pandemic, tournaments and play have been delayed somewhat, but Matt is expected to continue winning when things get back to normal.

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What inspired Matt Wright to pursue pickleball professionally?

Pickleball and racquet sports were early passions for Matt Wright, influencing his professional pursuits.

How has Matt Wright contributed to the growth of the pickleball community?

Wright is active in community-building initiatives and coaches, mentors, and coaches.

What challenges has Matt Wright faced in his pickleball career?

The journey of Matt Wright has been marked by overcoming adversity, overcoming injuries, and facing tough opponents.

Can you highlight some of Matt Wright’s notable achievements in pickleball tournaments?

Wright has won significant tournaments in pickleball, earning him high rankings and accolades.

What are Matt Wright’s future aspirations in pickleball?

The goal of Matt Wright is to leave a lasting legacy and explore new opportunities for the sport.


To conclude, Matt Wright’s professional pickleball journey demonstrates passion, resilience, and commitment to community. He has played a pivotal role in defining the future landscape of pickleball as an important figure in the sport.

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