Pickleball Net Height: How High is a Pickleball Net

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Many people who are unfamiliar with pickleball assume a tennis net is the same height as a pickleball net. It’s not true, however!

A pickleball net should be 36″ tall at the posts and 34″ high in the middle according to the USA Pickleball Rulebook.

What is the pickleball net height?

Pickleball Net Height

Source: dimensions.com

In addition to the height of the middle and posts, a pickleball net measures 34 inches high. Because the net is two inches higher, it’s easier to hit the ball over the middle. This results in a lower trajectory for the shot.

It might seem like two inches make a lot of difference, but they can be a big deal. When your shot misses the net’s top edge, winning or losing can come down to just a few inches.

Pickleball nets must be 22 feet long. Consequently, the net extends one foot beyond the court boundaries each way.

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Specifications and features of pickleball nets

Pickleball Net Height

Materials for pickleball nets

All mesh materials that prevent balls from passing through can be used in pickleball nets. The most common mesh materials are polyethylene, nylon, and polyester.

As an example, polyethylene is an excellent material for permanent outdoor nets as it is resistant to UV rays, rain, and wind. There is a lower price tag for nylon, but it is less durable. Ideally, it should not be used for permanent outdoor nets.

The net should be bound around a cord or cable with 2-inch white tape. The top edge of the net will be easily visible this way. To easily adjust the height of permanent nets, a center strap should also be included.

Nets for pickleball should be able to be secured easily, and some include straps or hook-and-loop closures. It is easy for players to adjust the net tension.

Frames for pickleball nets

Pickleball net frames are commonly made from steel or PVC tubing. It is more difficult to transport steel due to its weight. As far as playing goes, it’s a lot more effective. In the event of powerful shots or strong winds, the PVC frame of a portable net can break.

Powder-coated steel tubes, similar to tent frames, are often used to make portable pickleball nets. The frame will be more stable with a wide base.

Weight for pickleball net

In general, pickleball nets weigh between 25 pounds and 35 pounds, although there are exceptions. Pickleball nets will be made of carbon fiber by at least one manufacturer for 2023, which will reduce the weight of the net significantly. It is also more expensive.

There are also pickleball net bags with wheels that make it easier to transport your gear.

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The origin of the pickleball net height

Apparently, there is a legend behind pickleball’s official net height. Bill Bell and Joel Pritchard invented pickleball on badminton nets.

Using Joel Pritchard’s simple technique, Joel Pritchard determined whether the net was high enough: he stood at the center of it and checked that it covered his hips.

As long as the height of the net matched his waist, it was acceptable. The final decision was to make Joel Pritchard’s waist level 34″.


Can you use a tennis net for pickleball?

It might be necessary to adjust your pickleball nets a bit if your tennis nets are a little taller than your pickleball nets. Other than that, you won’t need to make any adjustments if you’re up for the challenge!

What is the pickleball net height?

The posts of pickleball courts are typically 36″ tall, while the middle net is 34″ high.


Pickleball net heights are 36 inches at the posts and 34 inches at the middle. By providing a 22-foot width, the 20-foot court provides one foot of clearance on either side.

The amount of information here is overwhelming. There is only one difference between tennis and pickleball nets – their length. Due to its heavier, larger, and slower ball, pickleball has a smaller and tighter playing area.

You can learn pickleball easily, but you can’t master it. It’s what makes it such an epic sport that you get right on the court and start having fun right away. On the other hand, complexity and depth are timeless. It is never too late to learn something new. Playtime is here, so let’s have some fun!

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