Top 8 Best Portable Pickleball Nets in 2024

Alex Jones

Pickleball courts aren’t always available when you need them, so it’s a good idea to keep a portable pickleball net handy. There’s nothing more convenient than slipping a pop-up net over your shoulder or storing it in your trunk.

In just minutes, any flat space can become a pickleball court. No matter where you play, a lightweight, portable net is essential, whether it’s at home or at a local sports facility. Here are my top 8 picks of what’s out there right now.

The Best Portable Pickleball Nets in 2024

Rally Deluxe Portable Net System

Rally Deluxe Portable Net System

This is the #1 portable net pick because it ticks all the boxes. The compact design makes it easy to store in your trunk and set up takes only minutes. The net will not sag or bend in the wind once it’s assembled.

This all-arounder can be used both indoors and outdoors. Coaches and pickleball organizers can also take advantage of its affordable price tag.

With years of development, Pickleball Central has developed the best portable net system on the market.

The load-bearing metal components have a unique oval shape, which prevents the frame from twisting or bending.

In the middle of the net, velcro tension keeps the net taut, while the molded center support keeps it from sagging.

This net clearly has been tested and developed on the court. User-friendly and built to withstand a lot of use, the entire system is designed to be easy to use.

Each of the 15 components is protected by a heavy-duty carry bag with separate compartments. This net is made from super-strong nylon that’s almost impossible to rip, and the steel tubes are powder-coated to prevent scratches and rust.

Also, the net’s bottom is elasticized, which reduces tension and prevents sagging to a great extent.

Easy assembly is the hallmark of the Rally Deluxe net. It only takes five minutes for you to be able to play with a full, regulation-sized net. By tensioning the net with velcro straps, you’ll ensure consistent net height during games.

In addition to providing lots of strength, the clever oval tubing of the frame makes assembling and disassembling the net easy.

Considering the level of quality and usability offered by the Rally Deluxe, the price is very reasonable.


  • Easy to set up and quick to use
  • Durable oval frame
  • Designed for heavy-duty use


  • This is not the lightest on the list
  • The price for quality is affordable for this portable pickleball net which offers everything a portable pickleball net should: usability, portability, and durability.

ZENY Portable Pickleball Net Set System

ZENY Portable Pickleball Net Set System

ZENY’s price range is a good fit for those who don’t want to spend $100s on a portable net. In terms of features and design, this net closely resembles the Rally Deluxe. As it costs only a third of the price, its build quality and materials aren’t as good.

For pickleball organizers or coaches who need a few spare nets, this is the perfect option.

Organizing pickleball camps or schools for young players is another great way to introduce them to the game. There are a variety of places where you can use the ZENY pop-up net, essentially anywhere you need a cheap pop-up net.

In terms of features, the ZENY is similar to the Rally Deluxe. Velcro straps hold the tail taut at each end, and the material is durable (tetoron polyester fiber). The middle of the net is rigidened by a fiberglass rod running inside a pocket.

There is a powder coating on the steel tubing, and the weak points are reinforced with steel reinforcements. In contrast to the Rally Deluxe, this steel doesn’t have an oval shape, so it’s not quite as durable. It is also trickier to assemble and disassemble the ZENY because it uses a push-lock system.

There’s nothing cheap about this net, despite the budget price tag. Although the net doesn’t have oval tubing, it is lighter than the Rally Deluxe frame. There is a little flimsiness to the bag, but it does the job fairly well.

The ZENY’s court performance is really commendable considering it costs only $70. It meets all your needs. Setting it up is a little more challenging, but it’s still very straightforward. There are numbered components and clear instructions.

It will be solid and reliable once you finish building the net. With sandbags beneath it, it doesn’t fall over in high winds.

The net is a real bargain at just under $70 ZENY offers more for less than many other brands charge twice as much for..


  • Price range within budget
  • At only 18 pounds, it’s super light
  • Easy-to-follow instructions


  • Some materials are of a lower quality than others
  • In gusty conditions, it may fall over
  • ZENY feels premium for a budget option.

SwiftNet 2.1

SwiftNet 2.1

The price point let this net down, as it was very close to topping my list. It is an amazing piece of pickleball engineering along with cutting-edge materials.

The SwiftNet 2.1 is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a high-performance, lightweight net that can handle tough court sessions. All levels of players will enjoy it.

SwiftNet’s height and width are regulated by a unique design. It uses lightweight aluminum uprights and splayed carbon fiber feet, rather than a metal frame and elasticated net.

There is a carbon fiber boom strung between the two uprights and the net hangs between them.

You can create a strong arch shape by bending the boom down and strapping it to the bottom middle of the net. A taut net at the perfect height is as easy as pulling the cords on the top line of the net.

I really like the feel of this net. With aluminum uprights that are ultralight, but strong, and carbon fiber from CRTC-sourced recycled aeronautical components, this project is very green.

The clever design of this net shows how heavy materials are not required. It is a hard-wearing piece of gear that’ll last you a long time on the court despite its lightweight components.

Due to its flexibility, carbon fiber bends rather than breaks under strain, springing back into shape after bending. Whenever the ball hits the arch-shaped boom, it reacts more like a permanent net due to the tension provided by the arch.

Due to the simplistic design, it takes less time or effort to assemble or move during a game. Assembling it should take only three minutes, according to the designers.

SwiftNet’s cost is $369.99, but you get a one-year warranty with an awesome piece of design and engineering. You’re also preventing carbon fiber from going to landfills by contributing to a great recycling project.


  • Assembly is super fast
  • Under 17 pounds in weight
  • Non-profit company based in the USA
  • Recycles carbon fiber


  • Prices are higher than entry-level nets
  • Wheels are not present
  • I’d pick the SwiftNet 2.1 if it weren’t so expensive. Pickleball sessions can be tough on this portable table.

Flybold Portable Net

Flybold Portable Net

My best pick for beginners is the Flybold since it’s lightweight, easy to assemble, and wallet-friendly.

It’s the ideal solution for beginners and younger players who want to quickly set up a court for practice.

Assembling the metal frame is quick and easy due to its interlocking design. Frames with wide feet are more stable, while those with smaller central feet sag less but occasionally interfere with shots.

All parts of the net are waterproof, and they are tightened with Velcro.

Although the quality isn’t as high as the Rally Deluxe or SwiftNet, it’s still a great beginner-friendly choice. There is good branding, and I appreciate the blue Flybold perimeter tape (although USA Pickleball regulations state the tape should be white).

With this pickleball net, you will have everything you need to get started playing pickleball. The bow between the side poles and center support may be noticeable to advanced players, but it shouldn’t affect new players.

This pickleball net is easy to assemble, and if maintained properly, you will be able to enjoy playing pickleball for many years to come.

The net is priced just under $100, which isn’t as budget-friendly as the ZENY option, but the build is superior.


  • Rust-resistant and weather-resistant
  • Assembled weight is light
  • Instructions that follow a visual pattern


  • The carry case is of low quality
  • Play may be impeded by metal center posts
  • Young pickleheads and newcomers will love the Flybold. It is easy to transport and assemble and will keep you entertained for a long time.

Dominator Rolling Portable Pickleball Net

Dominator Rolling Portable Pickleball Net

For outdoor use, I recommend the Dominator net simply because of its durability. Moreover, it has wheels, which I love.

It is ideal for those who want to leave their net outdoors without worrying about damage caused by rain or sun. Also, it’s easy to maneuver so you can push it against a wall when not in use, so it’s perfect for front yards and driveways.

I’m using aluminum for two of the nets on my list, but this is the only one with an entirely aluminum frame (the SwiftNet has aluminum poles). It is completely rust-proof, so you will never have to replace it.

It takes minutes to set up the Dominator since it is made up of rectangular segments that are easily assembled. There are Velcro straps for tightening the net, as well as a high-quality, hard-wearing net.

Wheels and a sturdy frame add additional weight to this net assembly. Its wheels, however, make it easy to move once it has been assembled. When it’s packed away, the wheelie bag makes transporting it from and to the courts easy.

The Dominator net is a simple piece of equipment to operate. It is easy to assemble due to the numbered parts, and all parts pack neatly into the carry case.

Even though it weighs 35 pounds, it is easy to maneuver around the court thanks to its wheels. Clubs and courts will benefit from the rustproof frame and durable net.

You won’t have to buy a new net anytime soon, though this one costs nearly $400. There may be a better option for casual players, but you won’t find anything better than the Dominator when it comes to prolonged outdoor use.


  • Wet and sunny weather-resistant
  • Carry case with wheels
  • The net can be rolled under my balls


  • When it cannot be rolled, it is heavy to carry
  • In bad weather, even if left outside, the Dominator net won’t need replacing for a long time.

Franklin Portable Net with Wheels

Franklin Portable Net with Wheels

The Franklin portable net demonstrates Franklin’s long experience with sporting equipment. Built with high-quality components, it is easy to use and assemble.

You can use the Franklin Portable Net with Wheels in a rec center, school gym, or even your basement or garage if you need a net for indoor use.

A clever internal bungee cord keeps the net together during play, tightening the tubular steel frame and preventing it from coming apart.

The frame assembles quickly and easily, and the net slides over the end post and tightens with Velcro straps. This net has additional support in the center to maintain its 34″ height and prevent sagging.

There is a feeling of durability and high quality when using this net. It has a powder-coated steel frame, strong wheels, and a nylon net.

A strong carry bag with pockets for spare pickleballs is included, but it doesn’t have wheels.

Pickleball courts can be created indoors with this net. The casters can be locked when you start playing, making it glide effortlessly around the floor.

Balls roll easily under the net, so you can spend more time playing pickleball rather than collecting them.

With a price of $180, it’s well priced for a mid-range offering from Franklin, which benefits from the high-quality materials used.


  • Wheels allow it to glide around
  • Affordability
  • Setup without tools
  • A frame that is sturdy


  • Packing it up is heavy
  • The carry bag has no wheels

PLAYABOUTS Duo – 2 Pickleball Nets in 1


This is the BEST practice net that I recommend because it is extremely versatile. In my opinion, it’s the best choice for practicing in smaller spaces like the backyard, since it comes with two nets that you can use to create a half-size court.

It is also ideal for younger pickleball players, as well as pickleball beginners. As well as people who play skinny singles, those who coach the game may find it useful.

With the ZENY net, the net ends are equipped with velcro tensioners to tighten it at the posts, similar to the steel pin-lock frame assembly. In this case, the net is half-size so that it can be made into an 11′ singles court.

In comparison to the PICKLETECH net, the PLAYABOUTS net is made with steel posts and bars that are relatively lightweight. Despite this, it still manages to do the job. There is velcro reinforcement on the straps and steel reinforcement on the legs.

There are no knots in the net, so there is no risk of tearing. The net is made of strong knotless PE Tedoron.

This net consists of a regulation-size net with 2″ white bands on top. Smaller frames can fit half-size nets by removing a few bars.

There are clear instructions on how to assemble the entire assembly.

With countless hours of productive pickleball practice, this 2-in-1 net set offers excellent value for money.


  • Nets are 11′ and 22′ in length
  • Setup is fast and easy
  • Assembly without tools


  • Built less sturdily than others

PICKLETECH Portable Pickleball Net 3.0

PICKLETECH Portable Pickleball Net 3.0

Since PICKLETECH Portable Net System 3.0 has been specifically upgraded to make it stronger and longer-lasting, I chose this option as the most durable.

The portable net is for those who play outdoors in rough conditions or who want to make sure their portable net will last. It would be useful for clubhouses or facilities that leave portable nets up all the time.

There are just 15 components in the PICKLETECH net, which are all packed into a heavy-duty carry bag. Interlocking connectors connect the steel components, and a fiberglass rod is used to stabilize the net’s center. In this way, the net will remain at 34″ and will not sag.

On each end of the net are Velcro tensioner straps, and the trap side sleeves are reinforced with PVC.

Designed for tough court sessions, this net feels solid and reliable. All components are sturdy and durable, and the steel is thicker and stronger. In addition to its attractive design, the net comes in four different colors, which I really like.

A new PICKLETECH offering was specially designed for extra durability and strength, and it’s great.

The base frame is powder-coated steel of 16 mm gauge, and the connection poles are 14 mm gauge. In the high-stress areas, arch buttress supports reinforce the frame, making it strong and stable.

3.5mm nylon is used for the net’s body, while thick tarpaulin is used for the sides. Thus, it is waterproof, sun-resistant, and virtually untearable. Its tautness is praised once assembled.

I think $129.99 is a very reasonable price, considering its weight and quality.


  • Stronger and more durable steel throughout
  • Net sleeves with a reinforced tarp
  • Net with ultra-tautness


  • Connectors with push buttons can be tricky to use
  • In spite of being upgraded, this portable net still has a very friendly price tag.

How to Choose the Best Portable Pickleball Nets?

Best Portable Pickleball Nets

Choosing the right portable pickleball net can be a sea of endless choices. In order to help you narrow down the choices and choose what is right for you, I’ve created a simple checklist.

Height and size

There should be a 22′ wide net that overlaps the 20′ court on both sides so that the posts don’t run through the court. It is recommended that pickleball nets are 36″ high at the sidelines and 34″ high at the center.

Ease of assembly

Putting up a net shouldn’t take up half of your time. Pick an easy-to-assemble net that won’t require any tools to assemble.


Be sure to consider how the net will be transported, and whether it will be necessary to carry it a distance. Make sure the net you choose is lightweight so that one or two people can easily carry it.

Frame and feet design

In order to provide maximum stability during play, nets have oval-shaped frames and scissor feet. You can also easily and quickly adjust the net height with the scissor feet.

To prevent flooring damage during indoor play, make sure your feet are protected with rubber pads.

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Net tightening mechanism

Tension is changed in different ways by different nets. There are several options, including bungee cords, Velcro straps, and ratchets. In a long session, you won’t be able to maintain sufficient tension with bungees.

Material quality and durability

The quality of the net should not only be considered but also the frame. The pickleball net should be made from a heavy-duty mesh of polyester or nylon. Rust-proof construction and the ability to withstand outdoor use are essential.


Premium nets are not for everyone. You’ll find something to fit your budget in my list of nets at every price point.


Various pickleball accessories are included with some nets, such as paddles, shoes, sunglasses, balls, and other accessories. Even though they are not always necessary, they may add some extra value to the package, especially if you’re a new player.

Why does the pickleball net matter in the game?

It is possible to develop bad habits and make mistakes if your net is sagging since you won’t be on regulation-sized equipment.

The net you use should be stable, well-tensioned, and the right size. Setup and takedown should also be easy with a good pickleball net, so you don’t waste time on either of these chores.

Oval vs round tubing in pickleball net frame

Pickleball nets with round tubing are common on the market. When putting the pieces together, it can be harder to get a snug fit, which can cause a wobbly net. Higher-quality models usually have oval tubing, which provides greater stability.

What are the standard pickleball net specifications?

Pickleball nets must meet the following specifications:

  • 22-foot (6.7-meter) width
  • The height of the court surface is 34 inches (86 cm) in the center and 36 inches (91 cm) at the posts
  • The mesh size must be a minimum of 9″ by 11″ (23 cm by 28 cm) and constructed from 212 mm to 3 mm, high-strength polyester or nylon.

How do you set up a temporary pickleball court?

The court lines can be marked with chalk and the net can be set up with a measuring tape. Measuring then:

  • For doubles play, use 20′ x 44′ rectangles, for singles play, use 20′ x 30′ rectangles
  • Dashed lines mark the 7′ non-volley zone on each side of the net (the ‘kitchen’)
  • An 8-foot solid line marks the center of the service line from the net

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Who makes the best pickleball nets?

Pickleball Central, OnCourt OffCourt, and SwiftNet are among the companies that make great pickleball nets.

What size pickleball net should I get?

I recommend you use a full-size net instead of a small practice net. In order to span the 20′ court, the pickleball net needs to be 22′ wide. The posts measure 36″ long and the middle point measures 34″.

Is there a difference between a pickleball net and a tennis net?

To span the 42-foot court, tennis nets are much wider than basketball nets. Furthermore, tennis nets measure 42″ at the posts and 36″ in the middle, whereas pickleball nets measure 36″ at the posts and 34″ in the center.

How do you convert a tennis net into a pickleball net?

Pickleball nets can be converted into tennis nets with the ConVERT aNet Pickleball Net Converter. The straps constrict the tennis net to the correct size for pickleball.

How to care for your pickleball nets?

You can clean pickleball nets with warm water and mild detergent occasionally. For the frame, use a brush and cloth. If you’re not using your net, it’s important to store it in a dry place when not in use.


The above is a list of the best portable pickleball nets available right now. With its super strong oval tube design and quick and easy assembly, the Rally Deluxe takes the top spot. You will soon realize how useful they are when you try one for yourself!

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