What Pickleball Ball Is Used In Tournaments?

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Have you been looking for a competitive edge in pickleball tournaments this year? The type of ball used in official competitions will allow you to prepare properly and properly equip yourself with the right equipment. We will examine the type of pickleball ball used in some of the biggest pickleball tournaments of 2023 in this blog post.

What Pickleball Ball Is Used In Tournaments? It is important to have good equipment for pickleball tournaments. A pickleball ball’s performance can make or break a game. Dura Pickleballs are the only balls approved by USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) for competitive tournaments. Dura Pickleballs are popular among tournament-level players for this reason. 

In order to meet the stringent standards required for tournament play, Dura Pickleballs are designed and manufactured with premium materials. Despite repeated harsh impacts on hard court surfaces, they remain playable due to their textured surface, aerodynamic shape, and durable construction.

What Color Of Pickleball Is Used In Tournaments?

What Pickleball Ball Is Used In Tournaments

It is a hot topic of debate what color pickleballs are used in tournaments. Pickleball is officially played in yellow by the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA). The USAPA enforces this regulation on all tournaments sanctioned by USAPA as well as other tournaments that follow USAPA guidelines.

Players are provided with a visible target on the court by yellow pickleball, which is made of plastic and infused with bright fluorescent dyes. In addition to reducing sun glare, the dye helps distinguish between different shots when observing from a distance. 

In addition to their durability, yellow pickles are also ideal for long games with high-intensity levels. In addition, yellow balls are faster than some other colors because they are lighter.

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Are There Different Types of Pickleballs?

What Pickleball Ball Is Used In Tournaments

You can actually get pickleball balls indoors and outdoors. Let’s analyze each of these and see how they differ from one another.

Indoor Pickleball Balls

It is best to play pickleball indoors if you don’t want to deal with hot weather or uncontrollable winds. Pickleball balls made for indoor use are ideal here.

Pickleball balls made for indoor use have a smaller size and weigh less than those made for outdoor use. In terms of weight, it only weighs 0.8 ounces, making it the perfect indoor game for a group.

The interesting thing is that you will find holes in them that allow them to move with the wind. Moreover, indoor pickleball balls have larger and fewer holes because there is less wind indoors. There are normally 26 holes in indoor pickleballs.

There are also many advantages to having fewer, larger holes. In indoor conditions, these features include more consistent bounces, improved airflow, and more precise trajectory predictions.

Players can also give indoor pickleball balls more spin with their textured surfaces. Therefore, you can expect longer rallies when using this ball. Due to the texture of the ball, hard hits will be difficult.

Outdoor Pickleball Balls

Because of various environmental factors, playing pickleball outdoors can be more challenging. Strong winds, high temperatures, and uneven playing fields are a few of these factors. The pickleball balls that are designed for outdoor use are actually designed to adapt to these conditions.

Pickleballs that are played outdoors have more holes due to this reason. A smaller size also prevents them from being easily deflected by the wind. There are usually 40 small holes in them.

The bounce of outdoor pickleball is better than that of indoor pickleball. Due to the smooth surface of the ball, players will be able to hit power strikes more easily. As a result, outdoor pickleballs are less likely to generate rallies.

Pickleballs played outdoors spin less than pickleballs played indoors, so they are harder to control.

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What Is The Best Brand Of Pickleball Balls?

What Pickleball Ball Is Used In Tournaments

The Dura Fast 40 is being used in major tournaments such as the US Open and the Nationals. For your next game, you can also choose other popular pickleball brands.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the best pickleball brands.

Onix Pickleball Ball

Because pickleball balls are usually holed, it is vital to have the right weight in midair to maintain balance. Among the brands that add weight to their pickleball in order to prevent wobbling is Onix Pickleball.

Furthermore, Onix is designed to be played aggressively. Bounce Technology is infused into the ball and the seam is designed to prevent the ball from splitting.

A welded construction also prevents cracks from occurring in this Amazon best-seller. The device is very user-friendly, durable, and affordable. Tournaments are not permitted to use this brand.

Core Pickleball Ball

In comparison to the average pickleball ball, Core Pickleball Ball is guaranteed to be five times more durable. A single purchase will get you 100 balls, and you can also buy them in bulk quantities.

Designed with over 40 holes, Core Pickleball can be used in all weather conditions. Because the brand is for bulk orders, it is not recommended for those looking for minimal quantities.

Day 1 Sports Pickleball Ball

Pickleball games are best played in bright colors, as mentioned above. The Day 1 Sports Pickleball Ball comes in a bright yellow color, ideal for outdoor or indoor play.

As well as meeting the qualifications for tournament use, this brand is also suitable for use in sports. As well as being made from top-quality resin, it is also durable and long-lasting. 

Your playing experience may be affected by the seams of the ball. Before you buy them, take this into consideration.

Franklin Sports Pickleball

There is a slight price premium with Franklin Sports Pickleball compared to other brands. This pickleball package already comes with 12 pieces, making it the most economical option for you.

Designed with durable materials, it has been approved by the USAPA and won’t crack easily. A total of 40 holes stabilize the flight of the plane. The durability of the product is further enhanced by rotational molding.

It is recommended, however, to play Franklin Sports Pickleball outdoors.

EasyTime Pickleball Ball

The EasyTime Pickleball Ball is the only pickleball ball that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, the colors are bright, so you can see the game more clearly.

A smooth surface is also achieved by welding the ball using hot steam. In this way, the ball is able to bounce well. This brand’s downside, however, is that the balls may not look exactly as they do in their pictures.

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How Long Does A Pickleball Last?

A ball’s quality and the playing conditions determine the answer. There is typically a three to five-game lifespan for a good pickleball.

Depending on its use and the strength of the hits during play, as well as any extreme weather conditions such as strong winds or humidity, it may wear out faster.

The best way to prolong the life of your pickleball balls is to store them in an airtight container when not in use and to replace them every few months to keep them in good condition.

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What Should You Look For When Buying Pickleballs?

What Pickleball Ball Is Used In Tournaments

Following these tips will assist you in choosing the right pickleball for you now that you know more about pickleball.


In choosing the right pickleball, you need to know whether you will be playing indoors or outdoors. Indoor balls can be difficult to use outside because they are manufactured differently based on a lot of factors.

Ideally, you should be able to buy both types of pickleball in one product.


The importance of color cannot be overstated. In order to purchase a pickleball in a bright color, such as yellow, orange, or white, you should choose a bright color. Even when the lighting changes, you will be able to see the ball clearly.

Bright colors are not always the best choice, however. In order to determine which color dominates in your location, you need to analyze your location. To improve the sight of the ball while in play, choose a color that contrasts with the dominant color.


Balls with a larger diameter will have a more stable motion once the paddle hits them. In this way, you will be able to play pickleball more effectively if you know the diameter of each type of pickleball.

You should choose 2.8-inch pickleballs for indoor play, and 2.9-inch pickleballs for outdoor play.

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Frequently Asked Question

Does Pickleballs Lose Their Bounce?

Players hit hollow, light plastic balls over a net in pickleball, a popular sport. If not properly maintained, these pickleball balls lose their bounce after a while, even though they are designed with special properties for the game.
It is possible for a well-maintained pickleball to last up to six months before it requires replacement.
In the case of a poorly stored or used ball, this timeline could be significantly shortened. Too much heat or moisture can cause the ball to degrade quickly when it comes to temperature and humidity. A pickleball’s life expectancy can also be decreased by dirty paddles and uneven surfaces.

Can I use any pickleball balls for tournament play? 

The use of balls that meet specific regulations is required at tournaments to ensure fair competition.

How often should I replace my pickleball balls? 

To maintain consistent gameplay, especially for competitive players, replacement is recommended on a regular basis.

Can ball selection affect my performance in a tournament? 

When playing in varying weather conditions, choosing the right ball is crucial.

Where can I purchase tournament-grade pickleball balls? 

Pickleball equipment can be found at sports equipment stores, online retailers, and at pickleball tournament venues.


In tournaments, the pickleball ball plays an important role. In competitive play as well as recreational use, it is crucial to select the right ball for the situation. There should be a uniform sound, consistent bounce, and durability in a pickleball that is suitable for tournament play.

It is ultimately up to the player to determine what pickleball is most appropriate for their style of play. You can elevate your pickleball game to a new level by getting the best pickleball equipment.

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